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Let me start by stating that this is not a rant, hoping for a discussion on importing issues...

So, when YNAB first came out, I was able to connect to my primary bank without much trouble.  I believe my bank is set up such that whenever it sees a new connection, it makes me go through the authentication process all over again.  So, it worked for the most part but every once in a while it would have an import error and I'd have to reauthenticate it, and it would work again.

Over time, the issue became more and more of a problem, I'd have to reauthenticate every couple days.  I sent in several help tickets and it never really got better.  On the last one, I couldn't overcome the issue, so I sent another help ticket in only to find out that they removed my bank permanently from the list due to the bank having an unstable connection.

I don't think it's the bank that has the problem, as I stated, it worked with YNAB for a while fairly good.  Also, I've tested it with personal capital, Mint, Quicken MAC, and Quicken Windows with no issues at all.  It would appear to me to be an issue with YNAB, seems like fairly often it logs in as an unrecognizable connection which causes my reauthentication problem.

I was told that it would not be added back until my bank fixed their issue.  I don't buy that... What are other's experiences?  Anyone had anything like this?  It seems to me that YNAB is using a different type of connection or something, I'd just like to know more about it.  It was suggested that I tell my bank what's going on, I'm sure they aren't going to change their system for one piece of software while other software works fine.

It is not a deal killer for me that it doesn't work, but I have grown to like the feature.  I'm not sure what I would even tell / ask my bank.  A little unimpressed by the handling of this, but more looking for answers than anything.

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  • Hey rlogue06 !

    I can completely understand being on a quest for answers, especially when it comes to Direct Import. I'm not sure which bank you use, but I'm hoping I can provide some general insight here! :)

    We have a number of different banks on our "Blacklist" and they're there for varying reasons. Some of them are sheer connection issues, others are a bit more complicated - for instance, there's one institution that only imports transaction amounts in USD, even though it's a foreign bank where the transactions take place in GBP. It became more of a hassle for users to try to import and then convert the amounts, so that option was removed.

    We do use a different Direct Import partner than Mint. In fact, Mint just so happens to have a monopoly on Intuit, who owns them. Our original Direct Import partner was Finicity, but we also work with MX (the new connection you referenced is through them). If either of them are able to offer a stable connection to a financial institution, we're usually able to keep it off the "Blacklist".

    If you'd like to provide me with the name of the bank you use, I'd be more than happy to look for any specifics on exactly why that connection was given up. I'm happy this isn't a deal breaker for you, but I'm more than willing to offer what answers I can! :)

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  • Any way to direct message you the name of the bank?  Or email?

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    • rlogue06 There's not a way to direct message, but you could reach out to our support team by emailing and we can help you there!

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  • Agreed, import for my primary financial institution has gone downhill consistently.  But the big boys (Chase, etc) for CC seem to work consistently.    Between that and the severe length of time to enter transactions with the drop down delay I'm on the fence about pulling out all together at year end. 

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    • Spring Green Leopard 

      We're sorry to hear that! We continuously strive to make improvements, especially where Direct Import is concerned. We can't look at individual account connections or information through the Forum, but if you email us at we'd be more than happy to take a closer look!

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