Credit Card Transaction Missing from Payment Amount

So there I am, humming along, entering transactions into YNAB trusting money is being transferred from the appropriate budget category to the payment amount each time. I don't like math so I don't check to make sure this is happening. However, today I went to pay my card and I noticed that the amount I had available didn't match the amount of activity on my statement since the last payment.

So I spent an hour of mathing to arrive at the conclusion that my car insurance payment is not being included in the "credit spending since last payment" in January. My car insurance payment is the same amount that is a difference.

While the car insurance payment is listed in the transactions for the card, I am confused as to why this is happening and it is hard to trust how many funds I actually have available to pay.

Does anyone know what might cause this? All of my categories have goals, so overspending is easy to spot and I didn't have any in January. Also any ideas on how to resolve?

Thanks YNABers!

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  • Hi, there! When the Credit Card Payment is short, it can be frazzling! In this case, because it's the same amount as your car insurance payment, I wonder if one of two things are afoot:

    1. Overspending: I think you are saying that you've assigned dollars to your Car Insurance category to cover the expense? Is this the case? If not, that's likely the culprit. Simply budget directly to that category.

    2. Overpayment: Depending on the timing, if your last payment created a positive balance on your credit card, the positive balance would be treated like cash and sent to To be Budgeted--and budgeted spending would stop moving to the Credit Card Payment category until your card became negative again. This is easy to miss, but the solution is to simply budget directly to the Credit Card Payment category.


    If that's not it, another culprit could be returns or refunds. Did you have any return/refund inflows that you categorized back to a spending category? The inflow would remove money from the credit card Payment and put it back into the original spending category. Depending on the timing of when this happened in relation to your credit card payment, and your other credit card spending, you may need to move money back to the Credit Card Payment category to make up the difference.

    If you'd like help figuring it out, you can reach out to our support team right from your budget and we can help you investigate! :)

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