Please make it easier to adjust the timeframe range with 4 easy buttons: [ <- Months ] [ Months -> ] [ <- Years] [ Years -> ]

Can you add a few buttons to more easily adjust the Timeframe menu.

Many time’s I’m doing a year over year comparison, eg. I want to see the graph’s for 2018, vs 2019.
Or perhaps month over month, instead of Jan to Jun, I want to compare Jul -> Dec.

I want a control that will shift both the From: and To: dates with one click so that I can compare the average spending, total spending,  or other info in the side bar between different sets of date ranges.

Something like these 4 buttons:
[ << Months ]  [ Months >> ]
[ << Years      ]  [ Years      >> ]

For example, changing from the range
[Jan 2018 -> Dec 2018], to [Jan 2019 -> Dec 2019] is super fiddly right now. If I change the "from:" year, it changes the month and year of the "to:" section also to make it a valid date. Super annoying.

Here is an annoying sequence:
[ Jan 2018 -> Dec 2018] (change "from:" year to 2019) causes:
[ Jan 2019 -> Jan 2019] (ugh, now I need to change the MONTH of the second date).
[ Jan 2019 -> Dec 2019]

But if I change the year back,
[ Jan 2019 -> Dec 2019 ] (change the "from:" year back to 2018)
[ Jan 2018 -> Dec 2019 ] (ugh, now I need to change the YEAR of the second date).
[ Jan 2018 -> Dec 2018].

Usually when I am shifting the dates, I am thinking about other numbers (like my actual budget and how money is involved in those dates). It makes it difficult to focus on that stuff when it requires so much mental energy to make sure the date range is correctly what I expect. It shouldn't require two clicks, and a user decision (do I change the other month or other year) in order to just shift the dates a little bit.

This would be super simple to design and implement, and would provide a lot of value. It's currently distracting (to say the least) and annoying (if needing to do repetitively) because you have to click many times and make decisions that can be inferred. I can’t tell you how many times I need to change these values back and forth in order to do such comparisons, the mental load should be easy so it can be focused on what really matters, my budget!

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  • Better than having to do all the gymnastics with the dates, why not a period over period report showing categories along the left and time along the top.  It could look similar to this:

    • Alice Blue Major Will you, too, submit your idea as a Feature Request? I want to be sure our design team sees it! ;)

    • Dela Will do.

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  • Great idea! Will you please submit this as a Feature Request? That way, the right folks will get their eyes on it. :)

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