Transfer $ between budget line items

I need to figure out how to transfer $ between budget line items. 

I got $724.65 of "inflow" which I designated as "Other Savings" on the budget. This money came to the checking account. While in checking, I spent $124.65 on "Stuff I forgot to Budget" and transferred $600 to savings. My budget still has $724.65 as "activity" for "Other Savings". Technically that money is gone towards expenses and transfer to the savings account. What am I missing here? 

How do I reflect these transactions in my budget? Should there be another step? 

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  • It looks like you categorized the inflow as "other savings".  This is not a recommended process.  You should categorize it as Inflow: To Be Budgeted, then on the budget screen you would have those funds available in your To Be Budgeted area, at which point you can budget/allocate it  whichever categories, including  your other savings category  by entering in the amounts in the budget column for each category you want to assign it to.

    Categorizing directly to a specific category is best reserved for the Rs:  Returns, Refunds, and Rebates. To do otherwise seriously affects the reporting and averages.  It's how I handle Reimbursements.

    I would advise you to go back to the original entry and revise it to change the original category to inflow: to be budgeted.

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      It's also possible that you did use the inflow category when it came into your chequing account but somehow treated it as an expense when you transfered it to your savings account.  If that's what you did, go back to that entry and change it to a Transfer instead of a transaction.

      When the funds were moved from chequing to savings, the entry should look like this:

       note the payee syntax:  Transfer to: [name of account]

      note the category is greyed out because transfers between on-budget accounts have no category.

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  • You also seen to be expecting your savings account to match some set of category totals. This synchronization is unnecessary, extra effort to maintain, and will result in less interest income. Location (account) has nothing to do with purpose (categories). This should help:

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