Credit card balance less than money set aside

I have 2 credit cards following is their situation

1. CC balance 658.42, money set aside in ynab 661.69

2. CC balance 469.45, money set aside in ynab 497.76


What could be causing this and how can i make them match?

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  • Use the Move Money Tool or budget directly (negative number) to remove the excess.

    There are a number of reasons as to why, purchase rewards being #1. No help for this, just adjust the budget. Improperly recording returns is perhaps #2. They should be categorized to the same category used for the purchase.

    • dakinemaui If i use the move money tool where should the money move to? to be budgeted?

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      Aquamarine Commander Whatever category you feel needs it most. You could temporarily move it to TBB, but that's supposed to be $0 most of the time. (TBB is the amount of money that doesn't have a job.)

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