Red Negative "To Be Budgeted" Rollover

What will happen next month rollover when I have a red negative "to be budgeted"? Next month rollover, will affect my new month's budge? The credit card green available balance, what will happen with that in the rollover next month. I think I'm suppose to use that available green in "Credit Card Payments" to pay the credit card at the end of the month or next month. Will that available rollover also to the next month? Will it affect my new budget when I make the payment?

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    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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    Your To Be Budgeted should never be red. Remove money from your budget categories until it's back to ZERO

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  • If your to be budgeted number is negative then you can’t trust your budget 

  • Hey NalaMama ! When To be Budgeted is red and negative that means you've budgeted more money than you have on hand.  This short from our video course helps explain why you don't want to budget more money than you have (pretend money), and another on how to fix it. You'll want to move money between your categories until it's green and zero.

    You're exactly right! The money in your Credit Card Payment category is set aside for your credit card payment. Positive (green) amounts in your categories will roll over, but negative amounts will not. You might have made April's payment already, and the budgeted credit spending you're doing now will roll over for May's payment. Those dollars will wait until you're ready to send them off!

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