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Is there a way to set a "Credit Card Payment Category" goal for non-credit card accounts? I'm looking for a way to set a goal for a debt loan where I will pay the same amount each month and I want it to show how close I am to paying this off. It looks like the Credit Card option to "Pay Specific Amount Each Month" is the only way to see this. But I'm not doing it under a credit card.

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  • The goals are on categories and a monthly spending goal is definitely one of them. It doesn't matter what account it's in.

  • Use a monthly funding goal on the category used to reserve money for the payment.

    The remaining account balance tells you how close you are to paying it off. Look on your statement (if this loan isn't in YNAB as an account) or at the tracking account balance (if this loan is a tracking account in YNAB). It should not be an on-budget account.

  • Superbone , yes - the monthly spending goal seems to do almost everything I want but it doesn't tell me how close I am to my payoff amount. 

    dakinemaui , I don't know if I'm 100% clear. I created an unlinked liability tracking account. Then the category for it with a "Monthly Contribution" goal type. I suppose I won't see the balance lower until next month? But does my setup look correct? Also, when I make the $500 payment, how does it know it's for the "Test Loan" tracking account? And will it automatically lower that balance?  BTW, I'm new to YNAB 😉

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      Enyko Record your payment as a categorized transfer to that account. Payee = "Transfer ..."

      It will lower when you record the payment. Can test it by entering a transaction now and deleting it when done if you like.

  • Ah, I think I got it now. Thank you!

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