New Goal settings.

Good morning.  I like the new goal settings....but why no every 2 weeks???  I thin for a lot of people who get paid every two weeks this would be AWESOME!

So, my question.  What goal setting should I use for this situation or will this work.  I have a category called "Hygiene / Cosmetics / Beauty".  It fluctuates with a house full of girls. Some weeks there are no transactions and other week they all need the special face creem all in the same month or week even...  So I would like to have a goal that has a top end goal, say $250.  so when I get the pay check and the balance in that account is $150 it would state "underfunded $100" regardless of the time of the month.  BUT when it is at $250 it is funded and even if it is a new month if it is at $250 it won request to fund more.  BUT if 5 days after the firs bi weekly paycheck of the month they spend $50 so the balance is now $200, when I get my second check of the month it would prompt me to "underfunded $50.  

It seems like I'm looking for a blend of "Need for Spending" and "Target Savings Balance" ?? Or is this exactly what Target Savings Balance  with not checking the "by date" box...



Tim Pratt

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  • Yes, that's the Target Balance with no date goal. The thing is, you have to click on only that category to see the calculation of how much you need to add, but there is no Quick Budget button that fills it on a click. You'll have to manually type in the budget box.

  • OK so I have played around with several configurations. I think the best way to explain it is using the "Target Savings Balance" with no date checked.  I have a goal of $150 now.  Currently I had funded it then spent  $70.  This leaves it at Green/$80. When I click to July it is still Green $80 (Carried over) and at the bottom of the inspector field it states "To Go $80" witch is correct BUT how do I get it so that that it shows as "underfunded $80"  so I can just auto funded it like I do the "Need for spending" instead of clicking through every category to read and then fund the "To Go" amount?


  • Thanks Move Light Sound Life,

    I was typing during your response... that's the answer.


    1. Fix this.
    2. Add biweekly.

    Awesome program and getting better each update!


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