Budgeting future months and using Needed for spending goal

I've started playing around with the new goals and I'm setting up my grocery budget goal to be a Needed for spending monthly goal of £400. From the help text about the new goals (quoted below), my understanding is that if I spend only £200, then the remaining £200 will roll over at the end of the month so my budget will only be underfunded by £200 instead of the usual £400.

However I also budget the next month when I get paid on the 18th every month. When I do this, the quick budget function for Goal Target will budget £400 to the Grocery category regardless of how much I've spent so far in the current month. I'm guessing this is because I need to wait till the 1st of the next month before the remaining budget is counted towards the Goal Target.

So although I love the new goal options, it seems to me it doesn't quite work well together with budgeting for following month in advance.

Monthly: Budget and spend up to this amount each month. For example, set a goal to budget $300 for auto insurance each month and spend up to $300 in a month. 

When using Weekly or Monthly goals, if you don't spend all your budgeted funds in the current month, the remaining amount will contribute to the next month's goal(s) when the month rolls over.

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  • GilgameshReturns said:
    it doesn't quite work well together with budgeting for following month in advance.

    That's absolutely correct. YNAB chose to tie these goals to real-time, so it is basically broken until next month arrives and will require too much until then. If you proactively budget for next month before it arrives, you will have to circle back and manually take back the excess. (Oh, and there's no eye-catching warning that you're over, so it's on you to remember.)

    If you feel this makes it more difficult to budget, please let them know with a Feature Request. You're not the last person that will be confused by this implementation choice.

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  • Well it's 1st of July and I've found this new goal does not work as explained. I've got money rolled over from June in the budget category, but the underfunded quick budget button is still insisting on budgeting the full £400.

    I'll raise a bug ticket.

  • Ignore that, while raising a bug report, the quick budget amounts corrected itself. Guess it takes a bit of time to recompute!

    • GilgameshReturns You scared me for a moment there! 😅 Glad things are back on track! :)

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