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So I got my tax returns, paid off my car and had enough left over to fund all of July. I just added the toolkit. It is showing 21 days of age of money and 12 days of buffering. Shouldn't it be 30 days of buffering if July is funded? If not, what does buffering really mean? I thought it was how long I could go with no new income.


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  • Days of Buffering is calculated by projecting how many days you can last with your current money if you maintain the spending rate of your past. 

    Since you're probably not going to pay off your car again next month, take it with a grain of salt. When you start to have "normal" months, it will even out. Plus, you can set which date range the calculation includes.

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    • Move Light Sound Life   Ah, OK, thanks. That makes sense., I also added a fairly large loan as a tracking account so it says I have spent a TON of money--like $450/day. Which is definitely not the case. I think if I took that out I would get a better picture, and it's not really doing much as a tracking account other than making me sad.

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      Lavender Sparrow Adding the tracking account shouldn't change anything since it isn't in your budget, it's only tracking. You haven't suddenly spent the money on that loan.

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    • Ceeses OK, that helps. But when I hover over days of buffering it  says total outflow -$58,942.04, for an average daily outflow of -$479.20. I've only been using YNAB for a few months  (their math says 123 days, which is about right), and I didn't have anywhere near $58,000 to spend! Nor am I spending almost $500 per day. The only thing I can think is I started several new budgets during my learning period (probably should have done fresh start but didn't know enough to do that)--could it be pulling all those in and combining them?

      I probably shouldn't overthink it, I just don't really get it and since YNAB is now all about age of money, I'm not finding any articles about buffering.  Thanks.

  • You can now budget in month-sized chunks on a cycle aligned with your expense rather than income recurrence. Take the win.

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    • dakinemaui  Well put, thank you for that reminder.

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