Assigning incoming money to a category different than "to be budgeted"

I have been selling some old stuff around the house and using it to pay down credit card debt.  Instead of assigning that inflow of money to "to be budgeted", can I assign it to a specific credit card?  Then, would I have that much extra budgeted for the next payment of that credit card?  If I do this, does it mess up the "to be budgeted category"?  

Or is it cleaner to assign it to "to be budgeted" and then go to my budget and add that much more to the budget for the next payment of that credit card?  

eg.  I sell an old phone for $15, put that into to be budgeted and then add $15 more dollars to my credit card payment.  Or I directly assign that $15 to that specific credit card category.  

What are people's experience with this.  

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    You cannot assign money directly to a credit card payment category so it won't work.

    Bring it in as TBB and assign to the CC Payment category.

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  • Use TBB. The Payee is used for the Income report. Consider using something like "Garage Sale" or "Cash for Trash". Then allocate the new funds to the CC Payment category.

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  • Thanks, didn't realize I couldn't assign money to a credit card payment category.  I use "Private Party" as the payee for these types of transactions.  

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