Working Balance on a Credit Card

I have a credit card that is not linked that is not reflecting the correct balance. When I attempt to edit, either by going to where you can link the account and typing in today's balance and having YNAB auto create the adjustment OR by changing the "starting balance" transaction so that the balance is correct--it sends my TTB for next month into the negative.  Since I'm about to pay this card off, I don't particularly care if this is done "properly" or not, I just want it done. Is there any way to do it without creating a negative TBB? Thanks!

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  • The only way I can see this happening is that your CC account balance was ever positive (if adjusting the starting balance) or currently positive (if making an adjustment transaction). A positive balance is considered cash and is therefore currently included in the budget. Correction of that would necessarily reduce funds in the budget, which is just the reality of the situation. (If the account was correct to start with, you wouldn't have budgeted as much into next month's area as you did.)

    The bottom line: if YNAB says you're overbudget (TBB is negative) and your account balances match those in the real world, you're just going to have to deal with that. (The money in the budget always matches the cash in your accounts.) Reduce budget entries in next month's area until TBB is no longer negative.

    Alternatively, get with Support using the in-app Help. That is a faster way to get their attention. They will either confirm the above or identify a bug.

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