Question about starting a new budget.

It's a new year and as of today I'm out of debt. 

I've been using YNAB for about 2 years and I've learned a lot along the way. I LOVE the program but I want to start fresh. I don't want to do the "Make a Fresh Start" because I want to start a BRAND NEW budget with all new categories. I now have a LOT of freed up money that I need to redistribute and I have a new way that I want to re-categorize things (for example making Automobile Maintenance it's own category). 

What I'm wondering about is how do I put money in the categories that I've already had money in? For example I have $200 saved in Auto Insurance that's due in a couple months. I moved $200 from "To be Budgeted" to that category but now it things that I have put in money for THIS month and the goal is done which it isn't. 

Any help is appreciated. 

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  • Use the previous month to input the previous amounts you don't want to count towards the goals. To Be Budgeted will turn red in that previous month, but it doesn't matter as YNAB will deduct that red amount to the current month TBB.

  • You can also start the goal in the next month.

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