Weekly slush fund spending target

The weekly spending target does not work the way I would expect it to for slush funds.  Let's say that my partner and I want $20 per week fun money.  Disirregardless of how much we spend of the $20, we want another $20 when the particular day of the week rolls around.  However, when the monthly rollover occurs, the available balance  is considered part of the "Funded", so the "To Go" is calculated as "Total Needed" - "Funded".  This means that my partner and I will have different "To Go" amounts depending on how much we had left over from the previous month.  I would prefer the "To Go" always be calculated with only the "Funded" from the current month, an not include the previous month roll over.  That way we both get the $20 weekly disirregardless of how much we've accumulated.

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  • Yes, Needed For Spending targets count any remaining available amounts when they reset, because you are telling them that in a given period you do not want to spend more than that amount.


    I do not believe there is a target that will allow you to fund weekly and not count excess toward the reset target.

  • Yes - as of now, this is expected. It sounds like you're looking for a weekly version of the Monthly Savings Builder, which is an idea I really like! Would you be up for submitting it to our product team?

    In the meantime, you could give the Monthly Savings Builder target a go (though I know it's not exactly what you're looking for). You'll need to calculate how much you'd like on a monthly basis, and YNAB will prompt you to assign that amount each month regardless of spending or rollover. Does that sound like it could get you a little closer to where you're hoping to go? 

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  • This is exactly what i am looking for too.

    Fortnightly mortgage i set a weekly target so i can track it but if the fortnight goes over the monthly boundary it all doesn't work with it funding the next month.

    I have submitted a request to the product team :)

    • SimmyD Yay, thank you so much for doing that! 

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