Money missing for CC payment but all transactions match???

I paid off my credit card a week ago on 10/22. Paid the full amount. However, my CC balance in YNAB doesn't match my actual CC balance which is higher by 192.01. I've tried to match to transactions with no luck. I went back a month and everything was paid. 

This account was unmatched when I logged into YNAB but I followed the prompts and now it's connected so the balance should match. 

I'm at a loss to know where to look to find my error. 

Help! :)

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  • Look back at your October budget and make sure no overspending snuck through 

  • No overspending, except in one category but that's for a different credit card (I'm returning some items that equate that amount so I didn't fund that one category). But - that's not related to this card. 

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      Irene O at any point did you use both credit cards in the same category in the same month? If so then the overspending in one account could impact the other because of some weird YNAB quirk. 

  • Irene O said:
    now it's connected so the balance should match. 

    It doesn't work that way. It only imports new transactions, not the balance each time. It sounds like it was off to start and is therefore still off. Follow the reconciliation guidelines, and allow YNAB to make an adjustment transaction.

  • Thanks for the link to reconciliation. I don’t think I was clear. I’m talking about the balances on the left hand side...those usually do match my actual balance which can be different than the balance at the top of the page for each CC. 

    this is a card I’ve had for months and wasn’t off to start with. This is the first time it has happened with this card. 

    • Irene O I believe we're talking about the same thing. Reconciliation is how you make the YNAB account balance agree with the real world. That balance is shown on the far left of the web app. The same balance is also shown in each account register (working balance).

      As the docs describe, the Cleared balance should match the real world after a reconciliation is complete. If you haven't manually entered any pending transactions, then the working balance will also equal the cleared balance.

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