Credit confusion

I transferred $300 from a credit account A to a checking account B  (categorized as a transfer) (EDIT: TBB did not change!), then I transferred $300 from a savings account C to the same credit account A (categorized as a transfer). Now YNAB shows me -$300 over budget on a credit card payment even though I didn't spend a single dollar yet.  If I Budget $300 in the Credit card, that is fixed, but now my "To Be Budgeted" is -$300.


Basically, these two transactions that should have been budget neutral made $300 disappear from my budget. Any ideas about the best way to fix?

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  • The first transfer would have added $300 to your TBB. What did you do with those funds?

    The second transfer would have been overspending while making a credit card payment because of the lack of funds reserved to make the $300, since you didn't budget what had gone into TBB back to the credit card.

    Edit to add: Fixing this will only correct the budget screen. The overspending amount will still show on the credit card account register even after being fixed because it was a transfer and not a categorized purchase.

    • nolesrule The first transaction did not add $300 to my TBB because it was categorized as a balance transfer.  My TBB never changed!

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      Magenta Cup  A transfer from a credit card to a checking account creates cash that didn't exist before, and that shows up in TBB. If it didn't, then you might have other budget problems going on.

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  • Magenta Cup I agree with the other folks that the $300 should have showed up in To be Budgeted, unless you were overbudgeted in a future month.

    I bet I can figure out what's going on here.

    If you’re up for it, go ahead and enable Support Access for your account. Once you’ve done that, let me know—and mention whether you’d like to continue the discussion here or via email instead.

    • Matthew Support enabled. I think you'll find I just misunderstood what happened. But I'd appreciate you looking to be sure if you have time.

    • Magenta Cup Thanks, Dave! I can't roll things back and see exactly what happened, but everything here looks correct to me:

      • The transfers to and from the Line of Credit look correct.
      • The Line of Credit still has the (rather annoying) $300 overspending indicator, showing that you took a cash advance this month.
      • You've budgeted for the payment on the line of credit, so there's no red in your budget, which is important.

      Now, how can I be sure that no money disappeared from your budget? By doing a quick audit, which is something you can do yourself, anytime.

      First, I added up the balances of your two bank accounts. That's how much money should be available in your budget. (The balance of the other line of credit is irrelevant, because that's just showing how much you owe; it doesn't affect how much money you can budget.)

      Next, I added up the money available in all of your budget categories. Actually, I let YNAB do that for me: it's the Total Available amount in the right-hand sidebar.

      That amount was $34.52 less than the total of your bank balances. That means that according to YNAB, $34.52 of your dollars haven't been given jobs in your budget yet, which means we should find them in To be Budgeted...

      ...and we do!

      That means that we can be positive that no money went missing! Every penny in your bank accounts is either in a budget category or in To be Budgeted. And finally, we can be confident that your account balances are accurate, because you reconciled recently. (Nice.)

      Please let me know if you still have questions.

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      Matthew Wow! Thanks for the awesome and prompt customer support! (And the good news!)

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  • I have done some experiments, and every time I try and recreate the problem it works as described by everybody above. Maybe I just misunderstood what happened because it all occurred as a messy combination of imported transactions that I didn't expect to have happened with the transition from February to March.


    anyway I'm going to enable support and see if they can find out that that actually is what happened.

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