4 months in Credit Card Availability is 4x more than owed

I have credit card that initially when I came on, I budgeted to pay off the balance on it but I pay off my statement every month. I set a goal for the day its due and add the amount every month to be budgeted. As a newbie, I realize that after the first payment or maybe I should have waited until the first of the month, Im budgeting twice for my credit card, but now when I try to remove the excess funds, the goal gets all 'underfunded'. My spending as decreased significantly so my running balance is around 1k plus whatever was after the statement closing.. nowhere near the 7k that is in my available fund. How can I fix this? I can't find a way to move that money back into my 'to be budgeted' without my credit card goals getting bad. Would it fix it if I deleted a goal since I always have the funds to cover the statement and running balance of the card?

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  • You don't need a goal beyond the first month - the goal is just to remind you to budget for the starting balance on the card. After that, YNAB will automatically move money from your purchasing categories to your CC line (assuming the purchasing category has finds available).

    Just make sure your Available amount always matches (in inverse) the balance on your credit card - if the CC account balance is -$1000, the category available balance should be green $1000 -and you're good.

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  • It sounds like you don't need a goal in your Credit Card Payment category now that you have a low running balance on the card that is paid off monthly. Any spending you now have on the card is budgeted for in categories, so the extra money you set aside for a payment is just gravy!

    Go ahead and delete the goal, ensure that the Amount in the Credit Card Payment category's Available field matches your current credit card account balance, and then move the excess money in your Credit Card Payment category to other spots in your budget. :)

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