API GET /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions

The endpoint

GET /budgets/{budget_id}/transactions


GET /budgets/{budget_id}/accounts/{account_id}/transactions

GET /budgets/{budget_id}/categories/{category_id}/transactions

GET /budgets/{budget_id}/payees/{payee_id}/transactions


has the query parameter `type` that accept “uncategorized” and “unapproved


But when is sent a request type=uncategorized, transactions that are the type transfer are being presented in the response.


How to filter only for uncategorized and not return transfer?



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  • From looking at the endpoints, I don't believe there is a way to get the transactions that aren't a transfer account. In the Heatmap for YNAB report that I worked on, I ran into this along with a few other transaction types that I wanted to ignore. I just created a function that would look through each transaction to see if it met the requirements to be used and one of them was it couldn't be a transfer account. So that field had to be null in order for the transaction to pass and be used. Not sure if you are able to do that or not with what you are working on.

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  • I agree with your point BriceWebDev


    But I think that the API could make possible to filter transfer transactions. Because they don't have a category, but this not mean that is pending to be categorized. Right?

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    • AndyDaSilva52 I think that YNAB could add in a query parameter to also filter out transfer accounts but right now it includes them in the uncategorized since they don't have a category. You are right that it doesn't mean its pending a category but there isn't a distinction between 'category is pending' and 'no category is needed due to it being a transfer'.

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