Issue with Budget out of nowhere

Hi everyone, this is my first time posting here!

So in February I budgeted 8.68 euros for a certain category and today -today being March 1st- I checked and suddenly it has changed to 19.91 euros out of nowhere. I don't know where those 11.23 euros have come from because I didn't budget them there. I'm a bit confused, would y'all help?



February 2020


March 2020

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  • If you don’t want the money there in March, change the budgeted column to $0

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    • satcook Right! But now I have 11.23 euros in my "to be budgeted" that I don't know where they came from, it's really weird 😅

    • Hi Cornflower Blue Dragon !

      Let's do a quick self audit here! :)

      Here are the steps you can use to verify that the amount in your account(s) matches exactly with your budget in YNAB—no more and no less.

      1. Advance to next month's budget or the furthest in the future you can go, if you've been budgeting ahead. 
      2. In the right sidebar, when no categories are selected, you’ll see your Total Available amount, which is the sum of the Available column.
      3. Add that to the amount you have left To be Budgeted and any amount Budgeted in Future, if applicable. Let’s stop here for a minute, just in case your To be Budgeted was negative. If it is, you would need to subtract it from Total Available, because that means you’ve given jobs to funds you don’t yet have. Preferably though, you would go back to this month’s budget and budget less in a few categories until To be Budgeted is back in the green at zero.
      4. Now, add up the cash in your accounts. That includes checking, savings, and cash accounts, plus any positive balances on credit cards if applicable. Be sure to check through your closed accounts and add any positive balances as well. (If you find a positive balance in a closed account, you may need to delete scheduled transactions and/or reconcile the account.)
      5. Your totals in step 3 and 4 should match up exactly.

      As long as those numbers match, that $11.23 belongs in your budget and you can either leave it in that category or move it somewhere else you'd rather have it budgeted. 

      Let me know if you still have questions, I’m happy to help!

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    • Faness Hello! I've done as you said and everything adds up correctly. Something must've slipped my mind with that 11.23 euros, it's really odd but everything adds up so it should be okay! Thank you for your patience and for the instructions, I'll follow these if it ever happens again in the future. Have a great day!!

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  • It's pretty common to accidentally hit a Quick Budget button. YNAB does not automatically do anything with that budgeted value.

    • dakinemaui Hi; I don't think I've ever touched said button and my "to be budgeted" is always at 0 because I budget every amount of money I get so I really don't know what happened..

  • I actually had the same thing happen today, however, instead of adding money to a specific column, I am in the negative for the total I budgeted last month (even though I've checked my bank account and no withdrawals of those amounts were withdrawn). Anyone else have a similar issue? Or am I just missing something?

    • Purple Drill I've just replied to your email! I don't want to get into too much detail in the forum without your permission, but what you're seeing in your budget is due to recurring scheduled transactions hitting your account on the 1st.

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    • eloquentz
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    I occasionally end up with a random number when instead of clicking in the budget column and using the math functions to add more money, I accidentally just key over what I already had budgeted in that category with the new number I'm trying to do.


    e.g. I already have $57.80 in my grocery budget column and I go to add the $2.86 in interest received and then I key over the $57.80 and end up with $54.94 in my TBB.

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