Anyone doing forecasting Metrics by exporting YNAB Data

Wondering if someone is able to achieve these metrics using YNAB data, and share some ideas or templates in how to achieve this.

These are just sample questions, which I think forecasting can help answer, there may be more crucial questions which I might have missed but are important to others.

1.)When will you be able to retire - assuming XX years of expense saved/invested

2.)How much will be your networth on some date

3.)When will you be ready with XXX lumpsum amount

4.)How much is your savings % rate, and how is it trending year-over-year

5.)On what date, would I reach my kids education/saving goals.

6.)How does adding a new lifestyle expense, or doing cost cutting on something, impact my end goals of retirement, etc...


PS: I am referring to more of forecasting, and I know YNAB doesn't provide that feature.

But, i am sure some of you guys might have figured out some way to leverage YNAB data, and export it to make this work.

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