Do I need to pay tax in this situation?

Hello YNAB forums,

This software is helping me get my sh** together. It's been a long time coming. 

I'm hoping someone in the community knows if I need to pay tax in the following situation. 

I work remotely for a US company. I'm a British citizen and I travel a lot. I'd like to open a US bank account when I visit there soon and get paid into that account.

I don't live in the US, and have no plans to. Naturally I will have to *not* work while I'm there, since I won't have a working visa.

Would I have to pay tax on my income if it's paid into a US bank account, considering I'm not from the US and don't live there?

Any help appreciated.


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  • If you are not authorized to live or work in the US, you might not be able to open a bank account. There is no right to a bank account, you have to apply. You may be better off with Transferwise or similar.

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