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I've been budgeting in YNAB a couple months now and am loving it.  I think I'm ready to add my husband. As it is, I make most of the money and handle 95% of the finances.  He has a checking account that his income goes into and he pays his own gas, fun money, student loans.  And he transfers a chunk into a joint account that I use to pay our shared bills, etc.

So how do I do this, logistically? I've been thinking about it and I think I need add his checking account, to the budget I have established, and then a couple new categories- his loans, and his fun money. Gas and groceries and stuff for the kids can be shared.  I feel like that's all I need to add- am I missing anything?  Then when he gets paid we discuss where it should go, etc. I get that, and he's on board with that.  But what are the nuts and bolts? He's fine with letting me be 'in charge' of the budget. And I think i can get him on board with entering transactions on the mobile app.    

So how do we actually manage this one joint budget? Do we need two paid YNAB accounts? How do we both access the budget? Can we have separate login info? I'm afraid to mess up what I've 'created' and then not be able to undo my mess.

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  • Hi Steel Blue Sound !

    I'm glad you're enjoying YNAB and want to get your husband on board! 

    In order to share your budget with your husband, you can share your YNAB credentials, or you can connect your YNAB account to your partner's Google or Apple login in Account Settings. That will allow you both to access YNAB and make changes in real-time (so there's no need for multiple YNAB accounts). :)

    If you have a moment, take a look at our Join Forces Guide— I think that's the best summation of the nuts and bolts of budgeting with a partner. Since you're adding his account, you're right to add categories for his expenses, too. If he's willing to weigh-in on helping you set up his expenses and categories, that's great! 

    Or, if you decide budgeting together isn't the best option, we have an article on keeping things separate

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