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I recently made an online purchase with a credit card, and then, because the shipping date was after I needed it, I canceled the order and purchased the item elsewhere with a different card. When the refund hit my original card, it caused my payment category to go red. When I try to re-categorize the refund as "Ready to Assign," the activity on the other card I used somehow increases, causing that payment category to go red. What am I missing? How do I fix this issue? I don't want to reassign money from other categories because everything else is working properly.


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  • Perhaps check whether there are excess funds in the credit card category associated with the account.  When you put a refund into "ready to assign", you normally also have to move that amount out of the credit card category itself and into ready to assign.  For that reason, I normally just apply the refund to any category but ready to assign, which seems to avoid the issue.

  • So the original purchase was categorized under "gifts" and so was the refund. But now the payment category for the card I used is in red, as though the refund was a payment I made to the card. I don't want to assign more money to the card payment to cover this "overpayment" because it's all doing other jobs elsewhere. I'm also completely at a loss as to why moving this refund to "ready to be assigned" would affect another card's activity. How do I get a YNAB employee to come on here and answer? lol

    • Green Welder You can ask for support in the app directly or on the web when logged in.  They are normally super responsive.  My guess is that you will have to move money back into the credit card category to get into balance.  Having the YNAB Toolkit installed helps, as it keeps the credit card categories in sync better.

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      Green Welder You need to take the money and budget it to the payment category. Here's why.

      You already made the payment to the card. Therefore your budget no longer has the cash in it that you used to send off for the payment. But when you assigned the refund to the spending category, it put money back into your budget (without putting any cash back into your budget). That is why the credit card category shows as overspent. it is balancing out the fact the other categories have too much money in them.

  • You're saying the refund money is being applied to the payment category of card 2, instead of card 1 that made the purchase?

    Does the following apply?

    • There was to be activity on two different credit cards in the same category.
    • There was to be a return on one card that is more than the purchases on that same card, in that category, in that month.
    • It was true that the spending category would be overspent if the refund hadn't helped fund the category.

    If all of this is true, then money gets stuck in the wrong Credit Card Payment category. The good news is that the solution is simple: move the money into the right Credit Card Payment category until the available amounts match your balances owed once more.

  • Yes, it went to the wrong card. And yes, those are all true. I don't understand how to move the money, though. The refund went back automatically to the category "gifts," which is the category the purchase was made under. But that put the payment of the card into red, as though I personally funded the refund instead of it coming back from Etsy. I don't know how to change it to a payment without matching it to a transaction from my bank account...

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