Tracking separate spending within a category

I'm expecting that at some point within the next two years I will go from sharing household expenses to being on my own. (See my journal for more detailed explanation.)  I'd like to have a sense of how much I need to budget for things when I'm flying solo, backed up by data over time.

For example... groceries. My partner and I shop together and have one category for groceries, but we mostly eat different things. So it's more-or-less safe to assume that if he puts it in the cart, it won't go in the cart when it's just me.

Is there a good way to track this in YNAB? Ideally, I'd like to be able to look at our overall grocery category and drill down to see my spending, but I currently have groceries as part of an overall "food" category and don't want to lose that level of data. 

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  • I think the only way to *easily* do this in YNAB is to have separate receipts and use a #in the memo.  Then you can go to All Accounts, search your #, and select for totals. Filter for date ranges. You could export to excel if you want graphs. 

    You could also do a split transaction for each groceries run, do the #in the memo, etc. Like above. However, the All Accounts view sorts treat a split category as its own category. 

    This drives me bonkers because I think any groceries activity should be sorted with other groceries transactions, not other split transactions. Meh. I already did the feature request.

    I still use split transactions, but I'm not looking for the data you are.

    If you want to get really detailed, you can make a spreadsheet that you input each item of each receipt into (with the appropriate person in a field) and it calculates the spend per person. I know I wouldn't do that with a weekly grocery run, but I do that with the quarterly household run. 

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