Can I modify my age of money?

So my age of money is the highest it has ever been.... 65 days Yahoo!   BUT that is in part to me saving for a big project.   Is there a way to select what the Age of money is based on? That way I know my true age of money after spending for the project.



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  • Nope, it's all automated. I honestly wouldn't put much stock in it.

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  • Hi Tim! tgpratt

    You can't manually adjust the Age of Money figure, but it will recalculate as you spend those funds. I recently paid off a construction project we had done (12 months, no interest) and took a decent hit to Age of Money. Our Whiteboard Wednesday on Age of Money goes into a bit more detail of how that number behaves. :)

  • 1. In the future-most budget area, Select all categories and deselect those you wish to exclude. Look at Total Available (TA).

    2. In All Accounts, search for To Be Budgeted, sort by date. Start checking off transactions (most recent first) until the Selected Total exceeds TA from Step 1.

    3. The number of days between the earliest selected transaction date and today is an estimate of Age Of Money without those categories.

  • Ya that's kinda what I thought.  It more psychological than anything else...  Thought id ask.



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