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Hi there,

I picked up YNAB last month to get a hold of my spending. So far it has opened my eyes and I've been enthusiastic  about it when my spouse asked what I was doing. Now my spouse has picked up YNAB aswell, she sees the value of it and is almost even more enthusiastic as I am.

Here's the thing, I've set up a budget for me and the household while she has one setup for herself. When I discussed the option of using the same YNAB login she told me she does not want to see what I spend my money on or the other way around. Which is just the way we do thing (your money, my money, our money). I'm fully aware YNAB wants us to budget together and options are available to do that.

So with that option gone I'm not sure if there are others. My personal preference would be an option to share the household budget. Paying for the 2 accounts is more than planned, but not a big problem as  the value seems to outweigh the cost. For now we plan on me budgeting my stuff and the household stuff, while discussing household stuff every other week.

Are there any options for us I'm missing?

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  • You can have separate budgets under one account. If she doesn't want to see your budget, then simply don't open it.

    The other option is a 3rd account solely for the joint budget. Effective, but obviously at a cost.

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  • Like dakinemaui said, each budget is separate, so if she or you doesn't want to look at it, don't look at it. I don't think it needs to be any more complicated than that.

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