Goal setting didn't reset

So I had a goal set for this month, hit it, paid the bill, and set up a new funding goal for next year at this same time. But for some reason, in spite of now being heavily underfunded in the category because I paid the original bill, the category says I'v already hit my goal for next year.


Is that a bug?

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  • Hi Pickle of the North !

    Sorry for the delay here! Are you still seeing that issue? Once a new goal is created it will take current budgeting and spending into account. If you've already spent the funds for the previous goal, the new goal shouldn't say it's completed. I'd double check the year the goal is set for and the type of goal selected.

    Let me know if you're still having trouble and we'll go from there! :)

  • Not as big as an issue perhaps, but yes it’s still exhibiting this behaviour. I was just going to wait and see if it corrected itself when we got to September. 🤷‍♂️

    • Pickle of the North (wow, that name is fun to say)

      Here's what I bet is going on: If you set a Needed for Spending goal, that goal is going to take into account any money that was in the category at the beginning of this month, even if you've already spent that money.

      To get around this, click ahead to next month and set the goal there, and it should work as expected! 

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  • If this goal is for an annual bill, i.e. you save over 12 months and pay everything at once, you might better off with a Target Savings Balance goal.

  • Hi all... Yes, I think that I solved it. I really wasn't aware there was a choice for type of saving goal--I haven't adjusted my goals in a long while now. What I did was I deleted the goal as it was, went to September and created a new target savings balance goal as suggested by Ceeses (much thanks for the suggestion). Seems all is well now. Thanks for writing back to me, Matthew . Appreciate the help. :)

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      Pickle of the North Yes, the new goal types are new as of about a month ago.

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