Cash in the bank

We are redoing our stairs and hubby went to order the treads and they had a pay in cash discount so hubby went to the bank AND WITHDREW $700 CASH without fear of me freaking out that some bill payment would now bounce and incur overdraft fees. We still can’t believe it. We used to live in overdraft and held our breath before the mortgage would be withdrawn. Now withdrawing $700 cash is a non-event. 

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  • One of the funnest budget moments ever!

    Every now and then I will have a sudden awareness moment of how far I've come from those overdraft days, or those times when the overdue bill needs to be paid the day before my salary deposit.  This is usually around a large irregular amount coming out of one of my accounts. This still has the power to make me pause, take a big deep breath of satisfaction, and I'm sure my heart rate calms to a rate about 10% lower as well.

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  • Woohoo! I had a similar "whoa" moment yesterday when I thought we'd have to replace my girls' bunk bed and after I moved around some lower priority funds I found out I had over $300 in "spare" cash without touching any immediate obligations or priority expenses. I can't even remember the last time I had that much "spare" cash available in my account! At the beginning of last year I was just trying to get through an entire month without going into overdraft, so huge change!

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  • Great work!  It feels so good to have financial security.  It certainly makes me glad to pay the YNAB annual fee to have that security with as little effort on my part as my budget now is.

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      PhysicsGal Right?! Talk about an impressive ROI! 😄

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  • Cash in the bank is a wonderful thing! I can still remember pre-YNAB where cash in the bank was rare for any length of time and NEVER any extra.

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