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I am working with linked accounts in YNAB, and the one that is getting me confused (as it seems many are confused with) is the Credit Cards category. I started using YNAB last month, imported all of my accounts, and got to budgeting. One thing I did not do, which I have realized after watching various videos on CCs in YNAB, was to budget for the initial balance. Now, I am the type of person that pays CCs in full every month, so paying it off is not a problem; however, the problem I am having is making sure I am correctly reflecting where my money is going and budgeting properly in the app. 


So, now that it's August, my CC Budgeted, Activity, and Available looks a little weird. Here's what it looks like:


Considering that I did not initially budget for the starting balance back in July, I believe the weirdness has carried over from that month. Would I be correct in doing a one-time addition to the first column (the Budgeted column) this month to bring the Available / Credit Card balance to the same number? Like this:


Would this solve my problems going forward? And is the goal to always have the Available column = the balance on the CC for someone that pays it off every month?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Jordan said:
    Would I be correct in doing a one-time addition

    Yes. A paid-in-full card needs to have the Available Payment cover the entire debt / account balance. 

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      dakinemaui Thank you for your help! I have made the adjustment. Hopefully this solves my confusion as well. 

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