Need help with credit card situation

I have an offline account that has a balance that is 6 months same as cash.  The balance came over when I started YNAB as one pot already on the card.


i pay the monthly payments out of 3 categories, but I can’t figure out how to do this.  If I enter the transactions manually it adds all the amounts to the balance and increases it which is wrong since the charges were already there.  If I just move the money from each line to that credit card payment there is no record that I’ve done so.  And the category lines also show yellow for under budgeting.


any ideas on how to rectify this? 

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  • The spending already happened. All you need to do now is budget for debt reduction in a category for that payment. The three categories you mention reserve funds for *future* spending on those things. 

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      This is a key distinction, OP. You might think of this as "Oh, I've delayed spending on item X (and Y and Z) so now I will budget for spending on item X" but in effect, you did already spend on item X, with money that wasn't budgeted for. So now you are reducing the debt. 

      Budget directly to the card payment category for that card, in the amounts that you would otherwise budget to categories X, Y, and Z. Then pay no more each month than is "available" for that card's payment category. 

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  • Slate Gray Sander said:
    I have an offline account that has a balance that is 6 months same as cash.

     Is this like a loan disbursement card with a positive balance?  Are you using this card's existing, positive balance to pay for things, or are you taking the card negative to pay the bills and then making a payment from another account to this card?

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