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Hi everyone, I am still sorta new to YNAB, and I'm wondering if there's any way to deal with having goals for each of your monthly budgets and also rollover money. 

For example, I budgeted $200 towards my electric bill this month, but it only cost $160, so the remaining $40 will automatically roll over into next month. My issue is that my YNAB doesn't recognize that rollover cash as money being contributed to my monthly $200 goal, so despite already having $40 in the budget for next month's electric bill, the category is still orange unless I budget another $200, putting my balance at $240 when I want it to be $200 and green.

Is there an elegant way to do this? It seems like a really obvious feature that I'm pretty amazed has been overlooked this long.

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  • On September 1st the category will act as you expect and just want you to add $160....

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  • Ignoring any carryover funds until the month changes in the real world was a design choice. Some users feel it was a poor choice that penalizes anyone wanting to budget in next months area. Ironically, budgeting ahead is YNAB's recommended practice.

    If you feel your budgeting process would be improved by not being tied to the passage of time in the real world, please make a Feature Request so your confusion is understood by the developers. Link is on the right side of the main Support page.

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  • You may wish to use a scheduled transaction, which has an associated/implicit goal. That goal works if you want to budget in next month's area.

  • Ah, so if I'm budgeting ahead in the future months, right now in Sept it says I have $240 available because of the rollover. But when September actually comes, I can take out $40 and it'll say my goal is funded? If so, that's perfect, I can deal with that. 

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    • Orchid Mainframe yes, you can circle back to recoup those funds when Sept. arrives. You might put an emoji on such categories to highlight there is more busy-work to be done.

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    • Orchid Mainframe Yes! Next month, when you select the single category the Goal Target Quick Budget option will remove the excess. Our team is working on additional updates(and an option to help with multiple categories). It's one I asked for too. 😉 They would love to hear your thoughts!

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      Orchid Mainframe I had the same question/confusion not that long ago, because I get paid the last day of the month so I was budgeting then, but now I just clear out any categories I want to before I budget into next month using my goals, if I want to budget on the last day of the month.  I would wait a day, but I really can't wait a day to budget when I get paid, cuz I'm a big old budgeting nerd now :D

    • Orchid Mainframe yep, or you could go the other way and only budget $160. The category will be orange in September until 9/1 rolls around at which point it’ll turn green and you won’t have to remember to go collect your extra budgeted money. 

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      Slate Gray Inspector  I was just gonna suggest the same solution. It's also really easy to do by choosing the category and then clicking the "Spent last month" button on the right. 

  • for more fluid utilities, I like the budget 200, spend 160, and roll the 40 over method. My natural gas bill at its worst is $75 for a month, but $13 at its best (the "privilege" of having the service). I figure when winter hits, I already have the worst case scenario funds set aside, and just keep it topped off in the mean time.

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