CC accounts repeatedly do not reconcile

So, I've been having a problem which I think I squashed but then it creeps back in. I auto-download transactions for my CCs and other accounts. For a reason unknown to me I stop being able to reconcile my transactions. I've restarted budgets, removed and re-added accounts, added reconciliation amounts, reconcile every time I access my budget, and have checked every transaction back to the beginning - but no matter what I do it eventually just stops being able to reconcile. It is like there is some hidden value thowing things off.

Has anyone experienced this and if so any idea how to fix it? I just recently renewed but if I can't get this fixed I'm going to have to get a refund and find another budgeting app.experienced

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  • If by 

    F. D. Bryant III said:
    eventually just stops being able to reconcile

     you mean that you cannot get your bank account (credit card) balance to match YNAB then reality is that there is at least one extra or missing transaction in YNAB. 

    I will caveat this by saying sometimes you can have a small verification hold/charge that never clears and eventually disappears from the credit card but they should be easily identifiable as you might have noticed an unexpected charge already.

    Once you have reconciled at a point you should only have to worry about new transactions. I've got 7 years of transactions without an adjustment transaction. I believe you can do it too!

    If it is something else then happy to help work it out.

  • This is usually caused by giving YNAB a balance that includes pending transactions when reconciling.

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  • Make sure you are reconciling to your cleared balance and not your working balance. I’ve never had an issue. If you can’t figure it out, I’d put in a support ticket and get support to look at your budget and tell you what you’re doing wrong.

  • I'm having the same problem, I've put it off for months because all my individual charges are accurate and the budget lines are correct, but the reconcile number is thousands off. I just sent a ticket in asking for their advice/a fix.

      • dakinemaui
      • dakinemaui
      • 6 days ago
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      Home School Rocks Your observation is correct: he budget is the plan for your CASH and therefore doesn't care about your debt balance. The advice will unquestionably be to give YNAB Reconciliation the current bank balance, clear transactions in YNAB that your bank knows about, and make an adjustment transaction to account for the missing transactions as a lump sum.

      Moving forward, you'll have to balance reducing your debt (budgeting to the Payment category) with all the other things for which you budget. Paid-in-full status will have the Payment category cover the entire debt (account balance).

    • dakinemaui wish that was all, but we have no debt to balance, the cards were paid off, so the math makes no sense, just artificially changing numbers as far as i can tell. I'll try to let you all know if I just can't read and it's my bad or if it's a glitch in the program.

      • SgtBatten
      • SgtBatten
      • 5 days ago
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      Home School Rocks I think you need to show us the issue and we will likely be able to identify the cause. 


      Screenshots of the bank account and ynab perhaps. Anonymised purchases if you want

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