See itemized list of transactions in Budget view

Hello all you groovy YNAB'ers!

As I was not able to find what I am looking for, given the strings I searched on, I need to ask:

If you are in the Budget view, and you click on a subcategory, is there a way to see all expenses incurred with that subcategory?


I want to check out where $$ are being spent in say home improvements. I would love to be able to click that in the Budget view and get a list.

Now I did go to the Reports view, as I am sure some of you will be thinking I should. And I can click on the expense of a month and that will give a breakdown of when and how much. Is there a way to not have to do so many steps?

I am sure I am missing something, so I look forward to the help in your replies.



I am calling this a App Function, so if that is wrong, feel free to point me in the right direction for next time :)

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  • Click on "activity" and you'll see the list of what's happened this month. 

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  • Click on the amount in the Activity column for that sub-category. A small pop-up will show you details on transactions. :) 

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  • Thanks WordTenor and amp97  for the quick answer. I just KNEW there had to be a fast way to see that!!

    Take care!!

  • You could also go to All accounts, choose the time period you want and then filter to the category you want. Then it will give you everything in a condensed format as well.

  • That works in a pinch thanks!

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