Enter all transactions for all accounts?

I've just started using YNAB and really like it. However one thing I'm wondering is should I be syncing all transactions from all my different accounts? I know in theory I should so that I budget and categorize every transaction, however with several credit cards and a line of credit it seems like I will be spending alot of time syncing. I don't want to setup automatic sync either. 


My thought was I would maybe sync my main account(s) and maybe 1 credit card that is used the most to start and the others I would just put in as accounts with starting balances and I track payments to them but not interest and any other charges. Maybe over time I will start tracking them. 


Is this the wrong approach to get started? Should I add everything (all debt) and keep sync up to date? 

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  • You get out of it what you put into it. Plan all your spending. You can often enter transactions on the mobile app while waiting in line doing nothing. Realistically, your non-main accounts won't have very many transactions, so it's pretty easy to include them as well.

    If you don't spend directly from your line of credit, don't bother putting it on budget. You can simply make a plan for the new cash when it hits your main account. (Typically it's going to go toward a category that is short, anyway.)

  • Hey Orchid Sound ! Welcome to YNAB! Your budget is the plan for the money you have on hand, and entering transactions shows it was spent. Both play an important role! Our Ultimate Get Started Guide is a great resource.

    I'd encourage you to set up the accounts you use often—like checking, savings, and any day to day credit cards—so you can budget for regular spending. The rest is up to you! If you decide not to add an account today, it can always be added later.

    Some folks prefer everything laid out and add every single debt account, and others focus on the essentials.

  • Orchid Sound said:
    Is this the wrong approach to get started?


    Orchid Sound said:
    Should I add everything (all debt) and keep sync up to date?


    But I think you already knew the answers. 🙂

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