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Hey, I've been using ynab for many years now, I've gone through many many categories such that when I unhide all catagories I have a ton show up. I was thinking the functionality of hiding/unhiding catagories might be improved a bit by allowing us to have a slightly different functionality added, which would be essentially the same as hiding catagories, but as a different classification. My first thought was to call it "retired" catagories. Just like hide, one could "retire" a category, except it wouldnt turn back on when all catagories are unhid. one would need to "show retired catagories", which would turn them back on. Think of it as a space between hiding them and deleting them. The reason i suggest this is I often look at my budget, with lots of catagories/groups thinking I don't know if I'll ever use this catagory again and I don't want to delete it because I don't want to mess with historical records" so i hide it. but then I want to clean up my catagories so i unhide all and see it again only to clean it up again. It would allow the process of hiding catagories to be used on a bit more of  a month to month basis. If I'm working on novembers budget and I know i'm not going to budget in a catagory i could hide it. now my list is a bit shorter for the month. meanwhile when i go to budget next month, i could unhide all and see my full suite of somewhat still in use catagories, while ones that i truly don't want to see but not delete are still turned off via the retire catagory button. Just a thought.

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  • I maybe should put in an example or two. one example is I used to have a blue knock off 4wheeler for the kids, i had a category for registration for it of $50/yr. I sold the 4 wheeler a few years ago, but didn't want to delete the catagory so i hid it. I just unhid all catagories to see if I was missing anything in my october budget, and the little blue atv regirstration category turned on. It would be nice if it could be "retired" and wouldn't come back on with the unhide command. 

    The other side of the coin, I hunt deer. so when november comes around I budget for my hunting license. Currently, I see that catagory all year long. Would be nice to have the ability to hide it, but then when i get to october or november i could turn it back on and see it. 

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  • I think this is an excellent idea! I too have categories I only use occasionally and prefer to hide when they are inactive. One example is my taxes category that is only used if I need to pay taxes beyond what was withdrawn from my paycheck and that is yearly one of payment. No need to see that category when I'm not budgeting for that payment (that doesn't even happen every year). 

    But there are indeed also categories that when they are hid they are gone for good. I don't have that expense anymore and thus I don't need to bring them back to view again, I just don't want to delete them because it screws up the budget.

  • Hi gumbudah !

    When you have a moment, I hope you'll submit a Feature Request for that option!

    In the meantime, I'd put all of those categories that you want to "Retire" in a "Retired" category group before hiding them. That way, when you unhide all categories they'll all be in the "Retired" category group and you can rehide them just as quickly (by rehiding the entire category group). :)

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    • Faness Will the system let you move an entire category into another category?  I have a separate Christmas category for each year. Each of these has separate sub categories. Can I somehow move the whole thing into a Retired category? I don't see that option anywhere but maybe I'm just missing it.

    • KnitPurlKnit Unfortunately, that isn't an option. Even if you select multiple categories, the drag and drop option will only move one category.

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