New Budget Mid-Month - How to Deal with Goals?

Hi All 👋

I recently got back into YNAB and started a new account on this new fancy web-based version.

The problem I have is that we're already mid-month, and a bunch of my savings goals for the month have been ticked off on last month and/or my first cheque this month.

So, for example, I have a cell bill of $85.79 per month, I have a dedicated account with my bank to pool that money, and that pool is sitting at $85.11 right now (and also as of setting YNAB up).

In YNAB, I create the account,


The category,


Assign the opening balance to the category,

 And create the savings goal,



However, as you can see, it's still showing that I need to budget $85.79 when in reality I only need $0.68 🤔

What did I do wrong here? How do I need to enter in this data to help YNAB understand the "real" situation?

Also, if possible, I'd like to solve this without fully backdating my budget.

Thanks in advance!

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