Handling Payment category when closing CC

I recently closed a few credit cards that I paid off (yay!), and I closed the accounts in YNAB as well, but the Payment category persists. What is the best way to deal with this? My options I see are Hide or Delete. Interestingly it only offers Delete on the two cards I closed, but clicking it does absolutely nothing (and sounds like a terrible idea). Hide works, but messing with the automatic CC categories just feels... Dirty?


Is there a better way to handle Payment categories when you close an account? I was kind of hoping that YNAB would remove  them automatically since it made them automatically.

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  • First off, congratulations!

    Hiding the Credit Card Payment category is the way to go. Closed accounts in YNAB aren't closed enough, in my opinion, and this is one way they can still cast a shadow on your budget. 🙂

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    • Make sure the category is empty as well.

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