Shouldn't "Available" and "To be budgeted" sum up to my Budget?

Basically the title. I'm not sure if I understand what's going on, but I feel like the money available should equal the... money available

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  • Available and To Be Budgeted should add to the total of your cash (not credit) accounts. This is actually a hard enforcement; they don't ever not equal each other. If they seem like they don't, there's overspending or overbudgeting hiding somewhere. 

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    • WordTenor Specifically, credit overspending. The relation holds even for cash overspending or overbudgeted conditions.

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    • WordTenor Thanks, that's correct then.

      How should I interpret the gap that shows up when I add the (negative) credit card account? That I'll be owing that amount by the end of the month?

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      Aquamarine Cleric what gap? Adding a credit card account with a balance doesn't change your amount of cash on hand. It might change the "job" of some of that cash, because if you pay your card in full (at least the statement balance) every month, you need to budget the total amount of the starting balance of the card to the credit card category as part of the setting-up process. But the cash is still yours and available in your budget until you actually send it to the credit card company. 

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      Aquamarine Cleric yes I could also use clarification on what you mean by “gap.”

    • Aquamarine Cleric If by "gap" you mean the fact the "Budget" total in the accounts area is lower than before, you should think of that rollup merely as an approximation to Net Worth.

      BTW, you owe that entire amount next to the CC account already, though you may not have been asked for it yet. "End of month" is typically meaningless. Ideally, your CC Payment category would cover that entire debt (account balance) -- that is the very definition of "paid-in-full status". Whether you pay the account to $0 or just what they've asked for (statement balance) is your call, but I'd recommend the latter.

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    • dakinemaui 

      I see, thanks.


      That does make sense, and yes I usually pay my CC in full each month. I just checked here (didn't see before) and there's a goal to pay the full amount "by date", but for some weird reason "date" is limited to a specific month (so by November 1st, I suppose), and I assume it repeats monthly, but there's no explicit info about that.

      Is there any way to enter a specific date to pay the cc in full? I usually set it at the 15th every month

    • Aquamarine Cleric Once you budget to reserve funds to pay the starting balance, YNAB increases the Payment category for all budgeted purchases made after that. You don't need a goal because you won't be budgeting additional funds to the card (assuming you cover all overspending). Sufficient funds are reserved for payment when you spend. Send your money to the CC whenever you like.

      (The Payoff goal is for people who are working toward paid-in-full status.)

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    • dakinemaui That makes sense, thanks!

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  • There's also the little issue of which Total Available since you can budget into future months. However, one rule you can count on:

    In the future-most month's budget area, Total Available + TBB equals cash in hand. Cash on hand equals the sum of positive budget accounts (assuming you're not in overdraft).

    So yes, you're correct. Money in the budget equals the money in accounts. Always.

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