How does IRS debt compare to other types?


I'm working on my debt paydown plan, and my biggest debt is to the IRS, followed by several medical bills in collection, and then one credit card (the card is closed so I'm not longer using it, just paying it off).  My main goal is to improve my credit score (very important for being able to rent an apartment where I live), but also of course it would be great to not have to make payments every month.  At least now I am making monthly payments, so that's an improvement!  My question is, it seems like IRS debt does not affect my credit score, is that true?  If so, would that be a reason to leave it for last?  Or does it depend what the interest rate is?

Would love any advice you might have.  I'm new to the forum and I kind of love it, now every time a question occurs to me I'm like, "I'll ask my new imaginary friends on the YNAB board!"   So hopefully you will not get sick of me... and I am slowly figuring out how to post in the most appropriate topic area 😉

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  • Hello, Aquamarine Thunder ! Here's an article that may help:

    Does IRS Debt Show on Your Credit Report? (H&R Block)

    The article covers a lot more than just the title question, and the answer is complicated. But one important thing to keep in mind: the IRS can seize your assets and garnishes your wages without taking you to court. I want to make clear that YNAB doesn't give financial advice and you should consult a professional, but if I were in your position, I would make the IRS my first priority.

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  • Aquamarine Thunder said:
    like, "I'll ask my new imaginary friends on the YNAB board!"

     We are NOT imaginary! To quote the Whos from Horton Hears a Who “ we are here. We are here”. 

    I like telling my husband about all my friends here and their situations but that I don’t even know their names. 

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