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I am starting to realize that the reason Budgeting is so hard and not sticking for me is because my environment is not surrounded with Financially smart decisions/Awareness. I am 23 and the odd duck around people because they are not even thinking about Budgets or how to spend money. So for all my YNAB people what are some podcasts, books and other tools you use to immerse yourself in a Budget friendly environment. I listen to Mapped out money but that is about it. 

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  • I listen to the Dave Ramsey podcast on a daily basis.  I do not follow every word he says but overall his podcast reminds me to stay focused on my money. It also provided motivation when we were paying all non-mortgage debt.  Now I use it to keep me focused on paying down the mortgage and growing the retirement accounts.  

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  • I'm a big fan of the Mr. Money Moustache blog!

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  • That is a good one I forgot about! Thank you!

  • I second Dave Ramsey.  Money Girl from quick and dirty tips is another good financial podcast.  Of course the YNAB YT channel/podcast are also wonderful.  There are also reddit channels on personal finance, YNAB and Dave Ramsey, plus probably many others, where you can converse with like minded folks.  I agree, it's very hard when you're struggling to give up a lot to get out of debt and everyone around you is spending like crazy.  You can do it! 

    Keep coming on the forum, this is a good crew of like minded folks and, if you're new to YNAB, you'll learn so many helpful tips from the kind souls who continue to bring their advanced level YNAB jiu jitsu training to us.  I keep thinking I've learned all the new tips I'll need after coming on here a lot since the fall of last year and using YNAB for over a year consistently, but then I just learned a new tip today.  

    One thing I highly recommend is telling your friends outright that you're working on a budget and tell them your goals and tell them your progress along the way.  I started out with budgeting using actual physical cash envelopes for my main problem categories, so when I pulled out my envelopes I told them about what I was working on.  I'm happy to say, my friends were all super supportive of my efforts and cheered me along the way as I paid off a large amount of debt by scrimping and saving.  If you have friends who aren't supportive after you tell them what you are working on AND why it's important to you, then I would seriously consider not spending much time with them until you already get the hang of following your budget and YNAB (and I personally would seriously consider why I'm friends with someone who doesn't support me trying to improve myself, but that's just me). 

    I recently listened to Atomic habits (great book!) and one of the points he made is that being in a community that already does the habit you're trying to instill in yourself is very helpful, and when your community is the opposite, unsupportive, it's going to make it so hard to make progress.   He makes a similar point about identity, that once you change your identity to incorporate your new habit, it becomes easier to maintain  (you're a budgeter who is financially savvy, just look at you entering your transactions in YNAB and checking your budget before you swipe your card, so savvy!  you're not the type to spend first and ask questions later, you're a budgeter.).  Just something to keep in mind.  That book is all over YT in electronic voices (I assume it's legal to do that and that's why they haven't been taken down), so I highly recommend it, or you can always get it from your local library if your budget is tight af and you don't want to shell out $ for it to help support your new habit of not shelling out $ for so many things mindlessly.

    Anyways, your community is important and you deserve a supportive community while you're working on improving your financial life.  We'll do our best to fill in the gaps for you and podcasts help, but hopefully you can also find some irl support from people who know and love you.

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  • I listen to a lot of financial podcasts. You might check out: ChooseFI, How to Money, Bigger Pockets Money, Afford Anything, and The Clark Howard Show. All are pretty good and you will learn something from each of them.

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  • Hi there.  Super smart guy!!!!  

    23 eh?  Where are you at so far in this journey? Are you in debt and looking to get out? Are you living at home and looking to get out? Are you interested in the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) concept? Do you want to live in a camper and travel? Do you want to travel the world? Have you got a bit of money and need to figure out investing?  Where in the world (approximately) do you live?

    This will help figure out which podcasts I want to recommend.  There is so much content out there and it is totally overwhelming. 

    Right off the bat I would suggest watching Nick True YouTube videos. He is a mix of a bunch of the above and is YNAB friendly.  Dave Ramsey is good but not YNAB friendly if you are going to use credit cards.  His advice is great for getting out of debt and zero based budgeting.  He can be a bit much for some people.  

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