Budget not matching amount to be budget

Hi there,  

Budget not matching amount to be budget.  Here are the details...  

My current amount to be budgeted is 0.00 under budget.

If I add $2000 in to be budgeted, it shows my amount to be budgeted is 1985.99.

Why is this happening?  Shouldn't the amount to be budgeted be $2000?

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.

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  • I expect next month's To Be Budgeted is -$14. The current month's entries have priority, and have pulled that much back. When you provide another $2k, it returned that $14 to next month and left the remainder in TBB.

  • You should understand that the future-most TBB is the only one guaranteed to be accurate due to the free-flow of funds between months. The fact money can be pulled back to the current month without any obvious indication -- leaving next month short -- is often called Stealing From the Future. It's a design flaw that has been criticized from launch (4.5 years ago), and a search will pull up many discussions.

    There are several workarounds:

    1. Temporarily store next month's funds in a holding category, and budget next month when it arrives
    2. Leave $1 in TBB -- assuming no overspending, that guarantees current and future TBBs are identical
    3. Be vigilant -- use the Move Money tool so adjustments between categories are matched. If you do manually enter a budget number, flip forward to check on that future TBB.
    4. Install the Toolkit Extension (a 3rd party browser extension) -- among MANY nice features, it augments the current header with the amount the future is short

    In short, it's not a problem if you know about it. Unfortunately, new users don't know about it, and some of them get caught short. At least that's not you. :-) You might make a feature request that YNAB should indicate when funds are double-booked between the present and future months.

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