Transaction history messed up, budget completely trashed now. Possible to roll-back to previous state? e.g. yesterday?

My available amounts no longer match the actual balances in my accounts (that's accounting for pending vs. cleared, credit cards, etc.) but 1-2 weeks ago they did match. To the penny. So something went pear-shaped in the last couple weeks.

When I started to dig into it, I discovered hundreds of dollars of uncleared transactions, including many transactions around 5/1-5/14 that don't exist in the bank records, such as transfers between accounts, that additionally have been assigned to the wrong account, e.g. transfer $900 from acct A to acct B, but the bank has no record of $900 being transferred between any of my accounts within 10 days of that date.

I tried to delete some of the uncleared problematic transactions, but got a warning that the matching transaction in the other account was cleared. One time I hit cancel, but the transactions were deleted anyway. I attempted to clean up the other uncleared transactions and reconcile, and now my budget is trashed. The "to be budgeted" is reporting thousands of dollars that don't exist, which is about 10 times more than the original problem I was trying to solve, which was a discrepancy of about $500.

Is it possible to roll back my budget to the state it was in yesterday? Or maybe to 2 weeks ago when it actually did agree with reality? At this point I cannot trust YNAB at all. Admittedly the current problem is my own doing, but even before that, when I could not find any problems between the last time the totals agreed with reality and now, it was still reporting that I had $500 more than I actually did.

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  • You'll learn far more by sorting out the mess than you will by trying to roll back.

    • Good Intentions yeah, no, I really won't. I deleted some transactions I really shouldn't have, in addition to YNAB deleting some linked ones that I didn't get to see before it deleted them. So I have no idea what changes were made. I was able to get back with the "undo" feature.

      So now I'm back to where between about 1-2 weeks ago and now, YNAB has somehow manufactured $430.85 that I do not in fact have in any account anywhere. I am trying to sort out the mess YNAB has created now. Several transfers were recorded in the wrong accounts. Unfortunately I have my daughter's account linked to my login, and it appears as though somewhere along the line YNAB may have mixed up which account is which and has imported things from the wrong accounts.

      I last reconciled today. And my account balances in YNAB matched the actual balances, to the penny. It is the amounts available in the budget that are wrong. Nothing is over-budgeted. They just don't add up today, but they did 1 or 2 weeks ago. The reason I'm not sure of the timing is because I am a PNC customer and the connection to PNC is broken more often than it is working, and my last paycheck was last week. I'm pretty sure I did a quick check by summing the available amounts and comparing that to my actual balances just before that check. So a little over a week ago. And it matched then.

  • When was the last time you reconciled your accounts?  2 weeks ago?

    • satcook See reply above, but reconciled today, and several times over this week, and account balances always matched.

  • Now that I was able to get back to the previous state with "undo" I can see what went wrong: at some point, it looks like from August of 2019, one of my accounts was getting transfers recorded that were not happening in that account:

    Actual: $n from B into C

    Recorded: $n from B into A and $n from A into C

    Which seems like it's a wash and doesn't affect the balances anywhere, except now I've got a whole bunch of uncleared transfers that are connected to cleared transactions in the other account that I now need to go and manually clean up. The bigger issue are these:

    Actual: $n from B into account not in YNAB

    Recorded: $n from B into A

    Which will mess up the balances. Again, uncleared transfers connected to cleared transfers.

    Is there an easy way to navigate to the other transaction in a transfer pair?

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  • Yes, there is a way to jump to the other side of the transfer—on the web, at least:

    Click the little two-arrow icon to the right of the Payee, and YNAB will take you to your destination.

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    • Matthew Thanks.

      Would have been good to know about 30 minutes ago :) Maybe I'll remember that for next time.

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