Venmo not available for linking?

I previously had linked a venmo account, but it seems that since Plaid took over the import function, Venmo is no longer an option to link. 


For the Devs out there, is there a reason why this import capability was taken away? 

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  • Hi kerriv !

    It's possible Plaid doesn't support Venmo while our other import partner did. If you report a Bank Importing Issue our Direct Import team can take a closer look at things and see if Venmo can be readded for you. :)

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      Faness Is this something you can confirm? It was still importing transactions up until I removed the linked account. Was this a case of half using the new import partner and the old one? I would have assumed that when YNAB transitioned to Plaid it would have stopped importing altogether. 

      Is there a reason Venmo was removed as an import partner for YNAB? Plaid's website explicitly calls out Venmo support. Why wouldn't it allow Venmo tracking? 

    • kerriv I just checked and Venmo isn't a listed option under my Plaid account. I can't say for certain why it isn't listed, but it's possible that Quovo had supported it (the company acquired by Plaid) and the switch disabled the connection. I do see you submitted the Bank Importing Issue form so our team can get to the bottom of things - thank you! :)

  • Any updates on this (and PayPal)? 

    I'm a YNAB 4 desktop user, and the automated sync functionality is likely the main reason I would move over, so getting all my accounts to sync is pretty important for me before I make the commitment to transition over. :-) 

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    • Quick update! I sent an email to Smik last month, and didn't respond to this post. These two have been tricky connections, and our importing team will have the latest information on the current status. Please submit the bank issue form—and they'll dig in. 😄

  • Switching from YNAB to Mint because of this 🤨

  • A little irony from the July 9 release notes:

    "We switched Direct Import providers to a company called Plaid  (a provider that connects apps like Venmo..."

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    • bobbucy Whoops! Differences between support and marketing? 😉 Thanks for pointing that out! Will have our team address it.

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