Having a Wish Farm is equally cruel to not having one

I know this is a hot take because it's so much a luxury problem, but hear me out.

I used to think it was bad when something new came out that I didn't have the money for.

Real torture is having funded the wish after the new thing was announced at the end of 2019 with "Limited quantities will be available", then having to stare at the funded wish for ages as they're still refining their release date of "Coming 2020".

(I'm talking about the Analogue Pocket, a "multi-video-game-system portable handheld". I don't even know if it'll ship to my country)

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  • I feel you. My dining table is sold out right now and the virus seems to have scuttled production for the time being. 

    But I find that anticipation increases the joy of having the thing, so there’s that. 

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  • One way might be to look at it that they are deliberately manipulating people.  Creating an excitement and then leaving them hanging.  At least this was true end of 2019 to March.  As of March, there will be other delays. By the time it's available you might want something else more.  That's their loss!  Meantime can you sell some things you don't like any more?

  • Or: spending the wishfarm money but still waiting for the item for weeks! (Months..?) We ordered and paid for a webcam. It still hasn’t arrived 😢

    • Powder Blue Pony I've had things lost in the mail (or stolen). Has the vendor shipped it? You might have recourse with your credit card if that's how you paid.

    • dakinemaui my husband bought it, so I don’t have exact knowledge of the status. But I understood it is all just delay up till now. 

      This links ‘nicely’ to the other subject Peter started though; the only creditcard in the house is in my name, so the webcam is paid for online from a bank account. 🤞it works out.

      Though in my experience we always get our money back if things aren’t available after all.  

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      Powder Blue Pony Normally, I thought the process was not to charge until an item is shipped.

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