Video games that scratch the YNAB budgeting itch? 🕹️

Hi all, I've been looking for some fun video games/apps that can scratch the budgeting/resource management itch while waiting for my next paycheck to come into YNAB 🤓 (You know you're a budgeting nerd if.....)

Any game recommendations for someone who just can't get enough? I recently tried out the free Cashflow web game (based on the "Rich Dad" board game of the same name), and definitely enjoyed it, particularly it being somewhat based in reality. A safe space to try some really risky financial moves 🙂 Maybe I'm looking for some sort of tycoon or business simulation game. Or even something like the Starcraft or Civilization series, both of which I love. Covering areas like resource management, upgrades, assets vs. liabilities, income generation, building thriving cities and empires, etc.

Anyone share this itch? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

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  • I asked some of my colleagues and they suggested that Factario might be a good fit! Hope you find something fun! 😊

  • Another couple of suggestions:

    Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons might cover the resource management, upgrades and income generation parts, but it’s got a lot of story behind it vs just task completion.
    • Marisa thanks for the great suggestions and getting input from your team! I’ve got Factorio on my Steam wishlist now 😊

  • Spent is a very quick game (can be replayed endlessly) that is the ultimate in resource management. It's not so much entertaining as it is challenging and thought-provoking. I've played it a few times before I started using YNAB, and I'm actually going to play it again right now, to see if my thought processes have changed since I started YNABbing.

    • Designated Victim hey thanks for this! Totally different and very illuminating about what it’s like living in really tough conditions. Kind of sad to play through but in a good way. Will definitely be revisiting.

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  • Have you played Stellaris yet? It's like Civ, but in space. 

    It's also, just like Civ, super addicting. So many games of "just a little bit more"!

    • Coral Network added this to my Steam wishlist as well, thanks! 🙌

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