Tips for manual import?

I normally manually enter transactions as they happen, but between one thing and another this week, I'm pretty sure I'm missing a good handful of transactions. I'm thinking about using manual import to update my accounts when I reconcile this weekend. I seem to vaguely remember having issues the last time I did it (things not matching? Pulling in too long ago transactions that didn't match? Don't remember quite what). Any tips, tricks, or advice to make it easier? 

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  • I don't do it as often as I used to, but yeah, if you know the date range you want to check on, log into your bank's website and pull transaction history (in qfx format) for the date range you are questioning.

    You can either drag the file onto the account in YNAB, or open the account, and select "file import" and find the file you downloaded.  It will pull in and should "match" records that have been entered, and should ask you to confirm/approve transactions that don't already exist.

    Before approving everything, do a quick check for duplicates.  it might help to filter based on date for the range you're looking at so you don't have so much to look at, but sometimes this is helpful just to make sure you've got everything.

  • Importing will only pull in transactions from three days prior to your most recent reconciliation, so depending on the last time you reconciled the account, that may cut down on duplicates. If you do still notice a bunch that don't match up, I'd suggest sorting the unreconciled transactions by amount, so they line up and you can match them a bit more quickly.

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  • It might be useful to filter out the already reconciled transactions when you're matching things. 

    Otherwise, I was apprehensive when I first tried it, but it was rather painless. I hope the same for you!

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