YNAB not reflecting Goal of paying someone back correctly

Hi! Thanks in advance for your help.

I had to pay two months rent upfront (first and last) for a new lease in a different city, money I didn't have, so my dad loaned me money.

I had saved up $750 from last month, money I had already budgeted for in January, which I paid to him before Feb. 1. But I am still am $1050 short of 2 months rent ($900 x 2). So, I paid him $525 (half of $1050) on Feb. 1 when I got my stipend; and plan to pay the final $525 on the 15th (when I get paid again). 

I don't get how YNAB handles this...I set a goal by March 2019 to meeting $1050. But it says I've already met my goal...? (see screenshot) I want it to show that I budgeted $525 on the first, and then, when I get paid on the 15th, I will budget the second half, pay my dad, meet my goal, and delete the category.

Also, is there any way to set a goal by a target date that more specific date? (like the 15th of the month?)

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  • Hi Gray Rain !

    Here's where you can learn more about how to set goals and how each type works. Be sure to watch the video too!

    Based on your screenshot, it looks like there is some transaction data that needs to be added, or categorized to your Deposit Fund category. You'll want to make sure that the income and payments reflect what is happening in your accounts.

    For example—if you made a payment to your Dad on February 1st, the transaction should be categorized as Deposit Fund. You'll see that show up in the Activity column and the goal will recalculate once you make that (and any other) adjustments!

    Currently, there isn't an option to customize the date of a goal—but if you'd like to see that, you can suggest it as a Feature Request!

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