QFX transaction import; skipped, but missing

I have a few missing days in my register, but have imported the transactions from a QFX. file; I have verified in the QFX file that they are present.  All other days from that single QFX file are present and accounted for.  It might be notable that these were the first few transactions in the file.

When I attempt to import the file again, nYNAB claims that they were skipped.  They are not, however in the register anywhere.  One of them is a check, and "CHECK 712" appears in my payees list despite that check not appearing in the register or being searchable, so it must have been imported.  I did this today, maybe a half an hour before I experienced a brief YNAB outage and then app refresh.

I am now not confident in my reconciliation process, I will have to add an adjustment or manually duplicate the transactions here but don't know if that will be valid or not if they are in there, somewhere, but just not visible.

Please advise.



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  • I just noticed that this happened for another QFX file today, for the same window, and the same days are missing.

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  • (I created a support ticket for this, thank you)

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    • Violet Motherboard Thank you for entering that ticket!

      At any point, had those transactions been in the account before? Maybe they imported but you deleted them before importing the file again? Transactions can only be imported once into the same account, so they'll be skipped if you try to re-import them. If you try to import that same file into a new account do those transactions show up?

      It's possible something else is at play, and our Bug Team will dive in! I just wanted to mention this possibility. :)

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    • @Faness that is actually possible!  Let me update my ticket.

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