Budgeting Credit Card expenses

So, I have a bit of an issue. I setup individual budget items for a linked credit card (around 2K) that plan to pay off each month. I have 5 line items related to that card (eating out, groceries, etc).


The issue I'm having is the money gets double counted. I have the transactions from the credit card that I pull in and assign to the budget. However, when I make the $2,000 payment to the credit card from my bank account, it goes on the budget as an additional $2,000. Is there a way to handle this to where my bank payment to the credit card doesn't go on my budget (since I already budgeted that $2,000 as individual items from my credit card)?

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  • You don't need the individual line items for that card, YNAB does that bit of the mechanics for you. So when you record a transaction of $20 for groceries on the card, YNAB moves the money from your groceries available balance to the credit card payment available balance.

    The Master Credit Cards with your Budget class should help explain things. It's available on YouTube if the classes aren't at appropriate times for you.


    The help docs also explain things. Try starting here:

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  • OK, I see. How do I handle the payment from my Bank to the credit card company then? Do I make a goal of 2K on my credit card payment?

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    • Hi Arlie Rahn !

      Credit card payments need to reflect the flow of cash in your accounts. In most cases, they’ll be entered as transfers (outflows from your checking account and inflows to your credit card account).

      There are two ways to set them up in your register—depending on whether you enter them or import them directly from your bank.  Here is an article in our Help Docs, that will walk you through the steps to handle the credit card payment for either situation. 

      Let me know if you have any questions!

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