How do I split accounts on a transaction?

My wife spent $39.09 at Walmart, split over 5  budget categories.

She then paid with $25 cash & $14.09 on credit card.

Is there a way to split the account on the transaction like I have split the budget categories?

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  • Yes. Make the transaction from the credit card account register. Here are the lines you'll use:

    Ln1. Payee-Walmart;  category-split; total to hit CC ($14.09) in outflow

    Lns2-6. Payee-Walmart;  categories-1st-5th; amounts 1-5 in outflow, respectively.

    Ln7. Payee-transfer from wallet account; no category needed; $25 inflow

    If you don't have a wallet account in YNAB, Ln7 should read: payee-cash; category-inflow/TBB; $25 inflow. You'll then go to the budget screen and budget that $25 wherever you see fit (it doesn't necessarily have to go to those categories used in the transaction, because money is fungible).

    Hope that is clear as mud. I'll post a picture of what that looks like in a bit.

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    • Move Light Sound Life 

      Awesome!  That worked perfectly and makes sense.  Thank you.

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    • Simon Rawson Great! Here's a picture in case someone else comes across this and would like a visual.

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    • Move Light Sound Life  This is my first time on a forum and I am not sure I asked my question in the right spot.  Can you see it?

  • @move_light_sound_life: thanks a bunch for that man, was struggling with it for a while. The image you shared helped :)

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  • Are there any tips on how to get those "cash/wallet funds" to a category? Using the example above, say I wanted to know that the $25 cash went to grocery items so the total was $37 spent in that category and not $12.  I am still struggling with how to split a payment between two accounts but have it be for one particular category.  Thanks in advance>,<

    • Dolphins Dancing But there were only $12 in groceries spent, in that example. The rest of the $39.09 bill came from other categories. 

  • to further explain my point/question, say I bought a refrigerator for $2000, and spilt it evenly between 2 accounts.  It's one item in one category but within that category only $1000 will be recorded in that category, as the remaining $1000 would be a transfer in which the "Category (is) not needed"

    • Dolphins Dancing I'm not at a computer to make another screen shot, but do it this way:

      Top line: category split, amount that hit CC Account (-)

      2nd line: category for refrigerator, total cost of refrigerator (-)

      3rd line: payee transfer from other account, no category, amount from other account (+)

      I think that should do it.

      You still need to have $2000 in the refrigerator category, of course.

      If you didn't have the cash account listed in YNAB, you'll probably want to add it before you add this transaction. Then allocate what turns up in TBB to the appliance category. 

      However, if you want to keep the cash account off budget, you'll have a payee of "Cash, not a transfer" and the category will be TBB. Then you go allocate the $1000 in the budget screen to the appliance category.

    • Move Light Sound Life Omgoodness!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!🎉 I see it there in the category I want with the correct amount! Truly grateful!  Especially getting back to me so quickly.  Have a great night👋

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  • Dolphins Dancing said:
    how to get those "cash/wallet funds" to a category

     Use the budget screen.

    • Move Light Sound Life 👍

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